About Us

Two automotive industry friends with a lot of passion for real estate started their journey by investing in Real Estate as a side income by remodeling fixer uppers and turning them around for quick profits. Over several years they netted great deals not only for themselves but for other co-workers. But they have paid more in selling commission to realtors than they have made by putting their hard-earned money and resources only to net less than realtors in their transactions.

Both Sam Mirza and Rizwan Durrani started nxtsqft.com to save money not only for themselves but for other investors just like them. Both decided to offer more to their brokerage clients for the most minimum charge without cutting any corners and offer more than most traditional agent would have in a up front flat fee listing package, that saves more equity for clients in real estate fees and still be able to sell their property faster.

Their idea quickly took off among real estate investors and what started as investors heaven to list, sell and save on realestate. Well as you know word got out and this service got so popular that even unseasoned sellers wants to protect their hard-earned equity by using nxtsqft.com services.

Sam and Rizwan both came from sales, marketing and service-oriented industry. So, they knew sacrificing on service is not an option. So, they assemble a team of highly trained real estate agents to manage and save clients money and to make sure they are completely satisfied. This process went thru several trials, procedures and training to perfect the art of saving in real estate transactions. This results in as we now offer even more packages to our clients than they initially started with, so they only pay for what they need.

“We believe in this age of technology consumers are smarter and wants results faster, something that can save them time and money. That’s why we offer more to our clients by providing them up front listing options and set the right expectations from start. This way listing and selling should be fun for both sellers and buyers “Sam Mirza

Working with the right team of professionals you just don’t get one realtor you get the entire team of professionals that have years of experience representing and saving you time and money. We like to be your next listing side realtors and provide the same level of service you heard giving by us to your friends and family.