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We value you as our most important asset and we consider you as our partner, not just another broker. Our core values, culture, and discipline are embedded in the foundation that sets us apart from the competition. We know that your past clients are important, therefore our business model is suitable for all your past and future clients as it aligns more than ever with today’s demand.

Program that works for you and your client
In house production and document support
Entire team of dedicated professionals at your service

Low Cost & Highly Effective Brokerage Solution

Here at NXTSQFT.com we are 100% committed to your success. Where you get the right tools and complete turnkey solution for your own real estate brokerage.

We guide you through every step so you can focus on your clients as we focus on you. Our team of industry experts has proven expertise in the real estate industry will assure you that you get complete backing and support from the leading and most innovative real estate brokerage.

What’s Important To Consider


We are in it with you and you are never alone working with us

The most successful people are constantly improving. You must devote yourself to continuous training and improvement. Winners constantly attend real estate school – by reading, attending seminars, listening to recordings, watching videos – learning at every opportunity

property mangment
property mangment


We are in it with you and you are never alone working with us

In real estate, the ‘sale’ is not so much when someone decides to purchase a property. The true ‘sale’ is when a person grants you the right to represent them as their agent for the sale of their property. What you ‘sell’ is yourself, our agency, and the benefits our agency can provide to the seller. The sellers are your clients and their interest are of paramount importance. By remembering this principle and practicing a policy of total client care, you will receive many recommendations. The better you care for your clients, the more successful you will be

We Are In It With You and
You Are Never Alone
Working With Us

We are in it with you and you are never alone working with us

As our core partner, we invite you to contribute your own expertise and help us grow together. Here we welcome your ideas and innovative thinking. You will be rewarded with no limit and you will be free to chase your destiny but never alone