Frequently Asked Questions

We start our process the moment we receive your request to list & within 24hrs an experienced highly trained representative will contact you to go over options & timings that work for you. We also strive to go live with your listing within five days on all platforms.

No, we are a 100% online listing brokerage, & we provide you with a licensed Realtor for your transaction. You can always call or do a video chat with your Realtor. works to keep the cost & expenditures low, so we can pass the savings to our clients. Deposits upfront helps us to start the process right away with professional photographs, signs, lockboxes & support systems all designed to save you time & money.

No. But we recommend that you offer the buyer’s agent commission. Most buyers are represented by a licensed agent & offering the buyer’s agent commission increases the chances of getting offers on your listing 5 times more than without any offered commission to the buyer’s agent. However, you can determine the commission offered to the agent. We recommend that you offer at least 2.5% to 3% commission to the buyer’s agent.

Currently, we are only in selected zip codes & counties. If you are outside of our service area or territory then we can’t help you at this time. But we are expanding rapidly & soon we will be in your neighborhood as well.

Choose the right service package that works best for you and pay a small deposit to get started. Let us handle the rest.

No! we will never ask for any additional fees. will only represent your best interest to buyers of your property without any intermediary relationship. Unless, if you choose us as your transactional broker then we can represent both sides.

If the buyers are not represented by any realtors than a field agent will setup a showing.

Your listing stays live on all channels until it either gets sold/ rented or withdrawn/canceled by the seller. You can do as many edits as you like to reposition your property for faster sale with the help of your local licensed real estate agent.

YES, we can list your property just for rent. Contact us for more details and special pricing.

No, we do not provide ongoing maintenance of the yard or fix fallen signage. The seller is responsible for keeping the listed property in top shape and keeping up with its maintenance for faster sell. If the property is damaged while it’s offered for sale then it’s the seller’s responsibility to fix the damage and notify The seller is responsible to convey the property as listed to the buyer.

Yes. is pioneered in all aspects of real estate transactions. Talk to your local property management team expert on managing your real estate portfolios.

Yes! Absolutely you be assigned a dedicated success manager throughout the entire process, that is also a licensed Realtor. S/he will guide you through every step of the way & answer any questions you may have even after closing & funding.

We can only return the deposit(s) if your listing isn’t live on local MLS. Once we have taken the pictures, provided locks boxes, and yard signs then your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Absolutely! Talk to your local managing broker to see our special packages for you & your clients that save you time & money.

We retrieve our Yard signs/Frame and Lockbox on the day of closing & funding with the seller’s mutual understanding.

We use the standard local governing body of your local state Real Estate Commission Exclusive Right to Sell/Lease form(s).

You can certainly upgrade your package at any time, but you can never downgrade for a refund or difference.

We use an automated system for getting feedback from buyers after they view your property, & if they fail to respond in a timely manner, we remind them daily by sending emails to their agent. We also publish those right away to you as we receive them from the agent via automated emails.

Market Insight is what we put together for property owners to give them an idea of what’s happening with other similar properties from their listed property. This will give sellers & their dedicated agent market knowledge to better re-positioned property for faster sales.

Damaged or stolen property is the sole responsibility of the seller. Any property loan to the seller is to be returned to Under no circumstance, they are for sellers to keep or to be re-used. You will be accessed a $250.00 fee if the loaned property is not returned back to or any damaged, stolen, or non-useable property loaned to you

We currently not offering any open house services with any of our plans. However, if you still wish to host an open house, we can help you set it up with our real estate partners for an added fee. Contact your transaction manager for more details on this program.

YES, we can list your property both ways and if your property ends up renting before it sells then the Flat fee to list will be based on the first month’s rent

NO re-list properties do not need any deposit as long there is no significant change in property condition. We can use previous media and generate new documents required to make your listing live. The previously selected package will be used and can not be downgraded, but you can always upgrade your previously selected package. There is no need to select a package upfront, contact us first and ask your listing to be reinstated. Your previous deposit will also be reinstated and credited toward your package at closing.

Yes. For a small minimal fee, you can add more media to your listing like Matterport, Twilight Session (exterior only),  Amenities, Flyer Design, Brochure Design, and Virtual Staging (per staged picture). Talk to your real estate expert about better enhancing your listing.