Frequently Asked Questions

Select the service package that suits your needs and pay a small upfront deposit to begin. We will take care of everything else.

As soon as you request to list with us, we initiate our process and a skilled agent will get in touch with you within a day to discuss your preferences and schedule. We aim to publish your listing on all platforms within five days.

At, we are committed to serving your best interest as a seller of your property. We will not have any intermediary relationship with any buyers, unless you authorize us to act as a transactional broker. In that case, we can represent both parties in the deal.

No. But we recommend that you offer the buyer’s agent commission. Most buyers are represented by a licensed agent & offering the buyer’s agent commission increases the chances of getting offers on your listing 5 times more than without any offered commission to the buyer’s agent. However, you can determine the commission offered to the agent.

We offer a fully online listing service, with the option of physical assistance from a licensed Realtor. You can contact your Realtor by phone or video chat anytime. follows a business model that aims to minimize costs and expenditures, allowing us to provide cost savings to you. Collecting upfront deposits enables us to initiate the real estate process promptly, covering expenses such as professional photographs, signs, lock boxes, and support systems. This approach is designed to be efficient, ultimately saving you both time and money throughout the real estate transaction.

Our team will contact you within one business day to go over the listing documents, determine the best list price, and arrange a photo shoot. We will work hard to get your listing live on your local MLS and other IDX websites within five business days.

Rest assured that our service is completely transparent and fair. We do not charge any hidden or extra fees for our work.

Your property remains visible on all platforms until you sell or rent it, or you decide to take it off the market. You can make unlimited changes to your listing to attract more buyers with the guidance of your local certified real estate agent.

Our service is currently limited to certain zip codes and counties. We apologize if you are not within our coverage area at the moment. However, we are working hard to expand our reach and we hope to serve you soon in your neighborhood. operates on a model where the responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the yard and addressing issues such as fallen signage lies with the property seller rather than the real estate brokerage. Sellers are expected to maintain the property in good condition throughout the selling process. If any damage occurs during the listing period, it’s the seller’s responsibility to promptly fix the damage and inform is the leader in real estate solutions. Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, or manage properties, we have the expertise and experience to help you. Contact our local property management team today and let us handle your real estate needs. offers a service to list properties exclusively for rent. If someone is interested in renting out their property and wants more information or special pricing details, they are encouraged to get in touch with This approach suggests flexibility in their services to accommodate the needs of property owners looking specifically for rental listings. If you have any specific inquiries or need more information, feel free to ask! provides a service called “Market Insight” for property owners. This service aims to offer valuable information about the real estate market, specifically focusing on comparable properties. By providing sellers and their dedicated agents with market knowledge, they can make informed decisions to re-position their property effectively for faster sales.

Of course! You will have a dedicated success manager who is also a licensed Realtor. This person will help you with every step of the process and answer any questions you may have even after closing & funding offers special packages for real estate investors, as well as their clients, to provide cost savings and efficiency. If you are a real estate investor interested in exploring these special packages or learning more about the benefits for you and your clients, it’s suggested to initiate a conversation with your local managing broker.

We use comparative market analysis to set the best price for your listing and sell it faster. Our agent’s opinion may differ from yours, but we respect your choice. We also comply with the local real estate commission rules and forms to start the listing process. If you are not happy with the price or the documents, we will refund your deposit without any hassle.

Deposits are refundable only if the listing is not live on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Once certain steps have been taken, such as capturing pictures, providing lockboxes, and installing yard signs, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you want to re-list your property with us, you don’t have to pay any deposit as long as the property is in good shape. We can reuse the photos and videos from your previous listing and create the necessary documents to make it live again. The package you chose before will be applied and you can’t downgrade it, but you can upgrade it if you want. You don’t have to pick a package now, just contact us and we’ll reinstate your listing. We’ll also credit your previous deposit towards your package

Yes. Enhance your listing with our affordable media options. You can choose from Matterport, Twilight Session (exterior only), Amenities, Flyer Design, Brochure Design, and Virtual Staging (per staged picture). Ask your real estate expert how to make your listing stand out.

We use the standard local governing body of your local state Real Estate Commission Exclusive Right to Sell/Lease form(s). retrieves yard signs/frames and lockboxes on the day of closing and funding, with the mutual understanding of the seller. This practice is common in real estate transactions, where the removal of signage and lockboxes typically occurs once the sale is finalized and the property officially changes ownership.

We are happy to offer you the flexibility of changing your package according to your needs. However, please note that once you upgrade, you will not be able to downgrade and receive a refund or difference. This is because the upgraded package includes additional features and benefits that are not available in the lower package.

The loaned property from is the sole responsibility of the seller. The seller agrees to return the loaned property to in the same condition as it was received. The loaned property is only to stage the property for sale and not for any other use. The seller will be charged a $250.00 fee if the loaned property is damaged, lost, or not returned to employs an automated system to collect feedback from buyers via their agents who have viewed a property. The process involves sending automated reminders to buyers who have not responded promptly. Additionally, the feedback received from agents is promptly published and shared with the property owner or seller.

This automated feedback system is designed to ensure that sellers receive timely input from potential buyers, helping them stay informed about how their property is being perceived in the market.

Open house services are not included in any of our plans. If you want to host an open house, we can arrange it for you with our real estate partners. Please reach out to your transaction manager to learn more about this option.

Yes, we can list your property both ways and if your property ends up renting before it sells then the Flat fee to list will be based on the first month’s rent

A buyer representation agreement is a legal document that defines the relationship between a buyer and a real estate agent. It states what the agent will do for the buyer, how much the buyer will pay the agent, and how long the agreement will last. A buyer representation agreement is not required to look at properties, but it may have some advantages for both sides. For instance, it can ensure that the buyer gets more dedicated and faithful service from the agent, and it can prevent possible problems or confusion with other buyers or sellers. However, before signing a buyer representation agreement, you should read it carefully and seek legal advice if you have any doubts or issues. provides a buyer’s rebate program for eligible real estate purchases. You can get up to 50% rebate if you buy a property worth more than $500,000.00 and your agent shows you less than ten (10) properties in your search. The rebate is based on 3% selling commission from the listing brokerage and is subject to lender approval and compliance with TREC and RESPA rules. If the lender does not allow a 50% rebate, your agent will offer you a different agreement within the legal limits. 

No, you do not have to use our other services to qualify for an agent contribution to the buyer. We offer this benefit as a way of thanking you for choosing us as your real estate agent. However, if you do use our other services, such as mortgage, title, or home warranty, you may be eligible for additional discounts and savings. Please contact us for more details.