Seeking customer feedback is a great way to learn how to improve and grow your business. Here are ten questions experts recommend asking.

Where did you find us? Learn which channels are working best for you. Was it Google, social media, a blog post, another online platform, or a referral from a customer, or even word of mouth from someone who heard about you?

What other options did you consider? Find out whether the customer looked at any competitors or explored any alternative solutions.

Why did you decide to go with us? What was it that converted the prospect into a customer over your competitors? This can be a valuable piece of information for all your marketing communications.

How would you rate your overall experience with us? Quantifying responses can improve clarity. Use a scale from one to ten to get a better snapshot of your performance.

Would you recommend us to friends and associates? A recommendation is a true vote of confidence for your business, and hesitancy here can reveal areas in need of improvement.

What was the best thing about your experience with us? You might be surprised by what the client considered outstanding in working with you.

Was there something you would like to see us change? Don’t be afraid to ask for criticism. It could reveal a shortcoming that’s preventing a customer from becoming a real advocate for your business.

Would you use us again? Why or why not? Learn why repeat customers value what you do, or if they don’t plan to return, you’ll know what you need to immediately fix.

Did our website have all the information you needed? Identify areas of your website that may need more information or other improvements.

Is there anything else we should know about your experience with us? Inviting open-ended feedback can uncover things the direct questions have not probed.

Are any of your contacts buying or selling a home? We’d love to help! Please feel free to refer us.