A recent survey shows investing in a kitchen update can yield a worthwhile return for homeowners when it comes time to sell. If you are considering a kitchen redo, here are the trends designers are talking about in 2023.

Beige and Greige: The New White. All-white kitchens are timeless and easy, make a space look larger, and are generally appealing to buyers. But this year, to avoid looking too sterile, cabinets and countertops are trending toward off-white tones—warm, creamy beiges, or cool, grey-toned greiges. Also coming into the picture are natural woods in cool tones—light maples, white oak, and washed walnut, for example.

Natural Stone Countertops. Materials such as quartzite and marble add a natural element to a kitchen. Also coming onto the scene are porcelain slabs, which are stain and heat-resistant.

Shaker-style and Framed Cabinets. These cabinets look to have more detail, such as a ¼-inch frame around the edges. You can create even more visual interest by using floating shelves or a pot rail in place of one of the upper cabinets, or by bringing in a piece of vintage furniture to hold dishes.

Storage to Hide Countertop Appliances. One approach is to have an area in the pantry with an attractive door. Behind it, you can hide all your appliances—stand mixers, blenders, air fryers—along with your coffee machines. You can also build an appliance garage on the counter, or an appliance lift that stows an appliance away but lifts it up to counter height when you want to use it.

Large Pendant Lights. Hanging pendant lights that make a big statement are coming into vogue.

Brass and Bronze Fixtures. For cabinet handles, faucets, and lighting, brass remains popular but is trending toward satin and antique finishes, rather than the brushed look. Bronze is making a comeback, but chrome is out and all-black is on the wane.

Mixing Metals and Colors. You do not have to stick to one metal—use different finishes of the same metal or different metals on different fixtures. The same goes for colors. Paint the upper and lower cabinets complementary colors or make your island a distinct color from the main cabinets. You can even mix up your countertops, putting a butcher block top on your island to stand out from the stone counters in the rest of the kitchen.

Professional-style Appliances. Even mainstream appliance brands are offering products in the commercial-looking chef style. You could also install paneled, “integrated,” appliances that accept panels to blend in with the surrounding cabinetry.

Make It Green. People love a pop of greenery. Add plants in hanging pots or floor stands.

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