Best Neighborhoods in Houston

Buying a home in a new city like Houston is exciting. But relocating to a big city means you must also choose the best neighborhood to live in, especially, if you are moving with your family. You’ll have to think about the environment, commute to work, kids’ school, parks and playgrounds, and of course, infrastructure.

Luckily, Houston is one of the most culturally rich, diverse, and vibrant cities in the US, and you can find plenty of options. To help you with finding your ultimate favorite, we have lined up, not two or four but twenty best neighborhoods in Houston where you can live a happy, peaceful life with your family.

1. The Heights 

If you have a thing for historic and classic buildings, this is the place you might end up living. Also popular for its bars, restaurants, block parties, and street fairs, the heights are a heaven for those who love antique shopping. The whole neighborhood supports local businesses and the community and has strict guidelines for constructing homes and other buildings in the area.

The average cost of a house in the Heights is $800, 000.

2. River Oaks

A feast for the eyes, this spectacular neighborhood is filled with historic mansions. River Oaks is undeniably a real estate hub for Houston. It is one neighborhood that is iconic and is also a great place for shopping and entertainment. With attractions like River Oaks District, the Landmark theatre, and famous restaurants like La Griglia and Brasserie 19, it is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Houston.

The average cost of a house in River Oaks is $2.2 million.

3. West University

Great for families, this neighborhood has some of Houston’s best schools. Also popularly known as, “The Neighborhood City”, it’s a place where you have easy access to Hermann Park, a premiere medical center, and the Museum district. Moreover, West University’s crime rate is also the lowest in the whole US.

In 2018, and 2019, West University has been declared the best city to live in, it’s because of the small-town feel this neighborhood has. If you want to see your kids hanging out on the lawns in the evenings, this is where you need to settle in.

The average cost of a house at West University is $2.2 million.

4. Memorial

For those who would want to go with a blend of the suburban and urban environment, Memorial is the best option. Although situated between Downtown Houston and Energy Corridor, Memorial is perfect for you if you are looking to live a quieter, private life away from the noise.

However, it’s not that you won’t have anything to do here. There are plenty of country clubs, golf clubs, and shopping malls close to the residential areas. With cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, and access to the city’s most famous parks, Memorial is definitely one of the good ones.

Coming down to the kinds of homes you can find here, there are both traditional and contemporary single-family and attached houses available. Memorial is also close to two famous school districts, Spring Branch and Katy.

The average house cost here is $500,000.

5. The Museum District

The Museum District is the cultural and arts center of the city. If you love culture and arts, you are in for a treat because you can find 19 museums here including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum, and, the Children’s Museum. Houston Zoo is also located in this neighborhood.

It’s home to the 45-acre Hermann Park which has an outdoor theater, a golf course, running tracks, and a lot of green space for you to enjoy the calm.

The average house rate is $1.2 million here.

6. Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is without a doubt an awesome place for young professionals. Especially, for those who are looking for condos, penthouses are closer to their offices. Moreover, being at the heart of the city, staying close to all the happenings and events, is easier.

Although there are not many options for family residences in Downtown Houston, you can find the best high-end apartments and enjoy a luxurious living experience here.

7. Spring Branch

Spring Branch has quite a similar feel to the Memorial. It offers a lot of free space to build homes. Spring Branch was originally a singular German community in the 1800s, even before Houston was officially a city.

If you are looking to sustain a moderate and diverse lifestyle with your family, Spring Branch’s spacious properties are an ample opportunity.

On average, the cost of a house in Spring Branch is $460,000.

8. Midtown

When you wish to live in a place where you can get all the action without giving up your personal freedom, Midtown is the place for you.

Adjacent to downtown, Midtown is a place where you can enjoy a lot of good stuff while still acquiring a home that’s affordable. The best part, Midtown is getting popular quickly. So hurry, $400,000 is the average home price in Midtown.

9. Bellaire

Well, you can call Bellaire a city. It’s the best neighborhood if you are looking to settle with your family here. With larger lots, it’s closer to the shopping mall Galleria and adjacent to Downtown.

Bellaire is also known for its strong Jewish community and Jewish establishments like the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and the Evelyn Rubenstein Community Center.

$1 million is the average home cost in Bellaire.

10. Montrose

Montrose is often compared to the city of Austin. It is the perfect blend of hep and art.

It is a vibrant place with lots of vintage shopping options, bars, restaurants, live music events, and so much more for modern and lively people. Moreover, it is the center of the city’s LGBTQIA community.

You can find a home in Montrose at an average price of $600,000.

11. Katy

When top-rated schools are above everything on your list, Katy should be your dream neighborhood. The Katy school district is known to be the best in the city.

The cool thing about buying a home in Katy is that you’ll find well-planned, well-structured family homes. Walkable communities make it easier for families to go about their business around the city.

With ease, convenience, and entertainment in your reach all the time, Katy is definitely one of the best neighborhoods for families.

12. Tanglewood

Tanglewood is the perfect dwelling for you if you are someone who wants to live away from the noise, closer to nature but still be able to get everything you need. Yes, this neighborhood is ideal because it’s quiet yet it’s close to the city.

Another interesting fact about Tanglewood is that the elite class of Houston might be your neighbors here but they also like to keep it quiet and calm so it’s a win-win situation for you. Moreover, you’ll have access to all kinds of amenities here despite being away from the bustling city.

$1.6 million is what you need if you want a home here.

13. The Woodlands

One of the most popular neighborhoods located 30 minutes away from the city of Houston, The Woodlands is a paradise for people who are looking for a woody, suburban escape.

The Woodlands offer you so much, from hiking, biking, and kayaking, to entertainment, shopping, sports, and dining out, you can find everything here. Not only that, but education is also one of the top priorities of the community, you can stay rest assured that your children will get into the best schools here.

14. Westchase

If you are a business person who wants to make your suburban dream life come true, Westchase is the place you need.

Serene golf courses, top employers like Philip 66, and Chevron, you’d find Westchase to be a beautiful place with a dynamic and evolving atmosphere. With more business coming to the area, it’s a place for business-minded people and if you are one of them, you must get yourself a home in Westchase.

15. The Energy Corridor

The hub of innovation and invention, also known as the Energy Corridor is located 20 miles away from Downtown Houston.

With lots of corporations and Fortune 500 companies, more and more job seekers have started thinking about settling around the area. Not only does the area offer abundant office spaces, but you can also find spacious residential areas with huge parking lots, walkable areas, and everything in between.

16. The Medical Center

A place where you have access to all types of medical facilities, and treatments, you’d certainly want to live here with your family.

Generally, the area is considered the best neighborhood for family residences. It has great schools, good housing options, food chains, and different bars.

The Medical Center got its name because of the Texas Medical Center which is the largest medical complex in the whole world. Alumni from top universities from all across the country come here for education and decide to live here for the opportunities it has to offer.

So, if that’s what you are looking for, you should add the Medical Center to your list.

17. Willowbrook

Willowbrook is located slightly outside the loop in northwestern Houston. Although, some would say that the Willowbrook mall is the biggest attraction of the neighborhood but that’s not true.

It is a place with lots of conveniences including good commuting options, entertainment complexes, sports, top schools, and other fun stuff.

18. Nassau Bay

One of the most desirable places in Houston, Nassau Bay is on the higher side when it comes to price. However, the beauty of this suburban heaven and the convenience of living here outweigh the downside of high price.

You can enjoy a quieter and luxurious life here if you don’t mind spending a bit more for the experience.

19. Sienna Plantation

A great place for families and retirees, this suburban area has a rural feel with a diverse community. The number of residents is around 17 thousand, the crime rate is practically the lowest, and the housing is affordable.

With a fair number of outdoor activities, fitness and health centers, and a calm neighborhood, this is a perfect place for simple life.

20.  Greatwood

Another suburban neighborhood that is great for families. It is affordable, the population is just around 12 to 13 thousand and top-rated schools make it an immensely favorable housing solution for families.

The place is full of positive things, there’s diversity, the cost of living is pretty reasonable and plenty of leisure time activities are available for families.

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