The resale value of a home matters, because a home is an investment you’d certainly like to see grow in value. To get the best resale value, experts say you should pay attention to things most buyers want: A level lot with ample front and back yard; 3 or 4 bedrooms; two and a half bathrooms; good storage space, including master bedroom walk-in closets; a 2-car garage; laundry on the main floor, but away from the main living spaces; a large kitchen with an adjacent dining room; a fireplace; a home that’s neither the largest nor the smallest in the neighborhood. Of course, what most buyers want may not be what you can afford. Or you may have to compromise on something like a walk-in closet to get something you need, like a larger bedroom. So while resale value is important, the most important thing is finding a home that has the things you care about, at a price you can afford. And remember, a home with good resale value today probably is priced higher than one without some of these features that you could add later.

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