Open-plan home layouts are popular. Some buyers list an open-plan layout as a like-to-have or even a have-to-have for their next home. But there are pros and cons.


More visually appealing. An open-plan layout makes small spaces feel larger and creates an inviting feeling. That’s why open-plan properties often see greater buyer interest when put on the market and may sell for a higher price.

Brighter and lighter. With fewer walls to block natural light from windows and skylights, you live in a lighter, airier, more pleasant space.

Open layouts bring the family together. You can help the kids with homework while cooking a meal, chat with family members while making the coffee. An open plan creates a multi-functional space where it’s easy to be together.

You can keep an eye on the kids. An open plan lets you watch a toddler or monitor your teen’s time on the smartphone while you accomplish other things.

More space for entertaining. An open-plan space is great for having more people gather. Sliding doors to a patio or deck can create the ultimate summer party space.


Less privacy. A lot can go on in a multi-functional space. When your teen brings home a crowd, you may have nowhere to go, an issue when you want to be on your own.

Noisier. Whether or not there’s a crowd around, a large open space is simply noisier, with kids, TV, dishwasher, and conversations all happening in the same room.

No hiding the kitchen mess. There is no door to close to hide a messy kitchen. If this would bother you, open-plan living may not be for you.

Smells linger. Let’s not forget the smells cooking generates, from fish to garlic to cauliflower. Open plan means it’s harder to escape smells you’d rather not live with outside of mealtime.

More costly heating and cooling. In homes with walls, you can heat and cool only the rooms you’re using. Those spaces get warmer or cooler quicker at a lower cost. In an open plan, you have to heat and cool the entire space, which takes longer and costs more.

Here’s more on designing open-plan living spaces.

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